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Buy banana og dank vapes cartridges. This strain truly does taste and smell simply like old bananas. In the event that in all honesty, it’s sort of a gross flavor. We were astonished to understand that there was not really any OG kush smell whatsoever to the Banana OG strain. Rather there were concealed feelings of cinnamon and some sort of Christmas-time blend that I just could distinguish subsequent to giving a portion of the buds a decent granulate.

Banana OG is recognized by astonishingly enormous, thick blossoms that have a tightened, spade-like shape. The buds keep up an unquestionably indica structure, thick and immovably stuffed. Leaves are a light green and play host to an abundance of rust-shaded hairs (which are really pistils expected to get dust from male plants). Banana OG’s blossoms are likewise canvassed in golden shaded trichomes that give the leaves a marginally yellow tint.


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